Purewool Pillows

How many sheep did you count before your fell asleep last night?
New Zealand is the home to 60 million sheep, that is equal to 5.6 sheep per person.

Purewool pillows are a pocket of complete nature. Featuring nothing but 100% new Zealand sheep wool in the Purewool 10 and the Purewool 30 is the same with an organic natural latex core for extra support. Both pillows have a cotton cover with a lined gusset.

  • Wool – 100% New Zealand Sheep Wool
  • Latex – Natural Latex core in the Purewool 30
  • Fabric Covers – Cotton cover with Linen gusset and fabric tags.

By wrapping 100% NZ Sheep’s wool around a full-size solid core of latex, we found the perfect pillow – Purewool 30.
A well developed firm centre with plush luxurious wool casing, slipped inside a cotton fabric cover. Bliss!

For a softer, lower profile pillow, we left the latex out of the pillow; meet Purewool 10.
A cotton fabric cover packed with folded quality 100% NZ Sheep’s wool. Beautiful!

Wool holds is shape well, wicks away moisture and provides a natural filter for all night non-toxic comfort.

The Core
The core is the strength and longevity of our Woola sleep products. That’s why we use only 100% natural latex rubber. Latex is the most resilient spring given by nature, having natural durable support and antibacterial properties.

The Comfort
We have a saying at Woola, ‘nature is always best’. Wool is one of the marvels of nature with its ability to regulate temperature, giving you the perfect nights sleep all year. Its also naturally flame and water resistant and most importantly one of the softest materials from nature.