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Welcome to New Zealand, land of the long white cloud

Here in New Zealand, we are striving to keep our country green, sustainable, and beautiful. We found an increasing desire for products made from natural products that were sustainably sourced. From this Woola was born. Starting with pillows the range quickly grew to include mattresses, bases, duvets, and overlays. We export this range right across the globe.

Natural Materials

Products made with natural materials


Completely Sustainable

All natural materials must be sustainably sourced.


Totally New Zealand

All products are hand crafted in New Zealand by New Zealanders


Environmental Respect & Recycling

Borderless Nation, Marlborough wines, clean and green, outdoor adventures, the nation with it all… whatever brings you here is sure to satisfy. New Zealand caters to everyone whatever your needs and desires from the hot tropical weather of the far north through to the chills of the deep south. Pristine lakes, clean waterways, native bush, clean open grassy fields, and coastlines within driving distance.

It is the pride of New Zealanders, to keep our countryside clean to protect our environment which we inhabit. It is our interest to include in our processes minimal waste and free from factory pollution. Using sustainable materials and zero-waste processes to produce bedding products lengthens the lifespan of raw materials and reduces the need to find an alternative source. This allows us to maintain long working relationships with sheep farmers, wool processors, latex suppliers, and cotton/linen fabrics. Reusing boxes, fabrics, wool products, and reworking these materials enables us to use, use, and use again the same item to create something new. Recycling is a key part of what we do when cardboard has become unusable this is then recycled back into “new” cardboard thus the cycle keeps going around and around.

Whatever leaves our factory, packaged products or waste is challenged by our slogan maximise our environment, minimise our footstep.

Every part of the mattress can be broken down and recycled. The manufacturing process contains no glues or adhesives. We don’t use any materials with Petro-chemicals.

Wool Is completely recyclable and reusable. Wool is also easily biodegradable.
Latex Cores can be easily recycled or turned into other products.
We can turn old natural latex into camping mattresses for Department of Conservation huts in New Zealand.
Linen & Cotton fabric can we washed, resewn and reused for labels. All the fabrics are also biodegradable.

About New Zealand Sheep Wool

Wool is one of the original super fibres with production and uses that dates back approximately 10,000 years in Asia Minor. It’s natural, renewable and biodegradable qualities are creating waves of interest as innovators look to sustainable alternatives to synthetic fibres.

The advantage of wool doesn’t stop there. It has many safety benefits too. This breathable fibre helps control humidity and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, it’s flame retardant! In New Zealand, there are millions of sheep and plenty of ingenious people. In fact, wool is so versatile we are even making surfboards and shoes out of it!

We use two types of wool in our Woola range: Purewool and Southwool. Purewool is 100% New Zealand wool with nothing else at all. It’s so natural it even smells a bit like nature. All our Purewool comes directly from the farms here and then undergoes a unique crimping process that gives it incredible volume and resilience. When you open a bag of tightly packaged Purewool you’ll be amazed at how it bursts out to resume its original volume. This springiness and loft is the result of the crimping process that makes it so ideal for mattresses and other bedding products.

Our Southwool is 95% New Zealand wool products with just 5% bonding fibre. It’s still mostly natural and just as soft. The bonding fibre is similar to microfibre and it keeps the wool lofted. The difference between Southwool and Purewool is in the crimping process.

The Campaign For Wool | Patron: HRH The Prince Of Wales

The Campaign for Wool is a global initiative that aims to highlight wool as a fibre that is an eco-friendly, comfortable, fashionable and durable option to cheaper and more disposable alternatives. As New Zealand is a country founded on sheep farming, supporting the Campaign for Wool is as natural as the fibre itself.

Biodegradable Packaging

Natural Materials

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