Environmental Respect

Borderless Nation, Marlborough wines, clean and green, outdoor adventures, the nation with it all… whatever brings you here is sure to satisfy. New Zealand caters to everyone whatever your needs and desires from the hot tropical weather of the far north through to the chills of the deep south. Pristine lakes, clean waterways, native bush, clean open grassy fields, and coastlines within driving distance.

It is the pride of New Zealanders, to keep our countryside clean to protect our environment which we inhabit. It is our interest to include in our processes minimal waste and free from factory pollution. Using sustainable materials and zero-waste processes to produce bedding products lengthens the lifespan of raw materials and reduces the need to find an alternative source. This allows us to maintain long working relationships with sheep farmers, wool processors, latex suppliers, and cotton/linen fabrics. Reusing boxes, fabrics, wool products, and reworking these materials enables us to use, use, and use again the same item to create something new. Recycling is a key part of what we do when cardboard has become unusable this is then recycled back into “new” cardboard thus the cycle keeps going around and around.

Whatever leaves our factory, packaged products or waste is challenged by our slogan maximise our environment, minimise our footstep.