Our products are free from glues, solvents, and other nasty chemicals. Protecting the health of our people, families, and community is important.

While we sleep our brains dream, our bodies work and our health improves. The bed, pillow, and linen we sleep with all works together to provide us a well-rested sleep. While our bodies are working magic providing us what we need for the next day of activities. We need to consider what atmosphere we are providing in our bedrooms.

All products are free from harmful toxins and chemicals, instead hand-stitched and tufted in New Zealand factories. We just make them the good old fashioned way.

Our bedding products are free from electromagnetic stress which is common with inner sprung and synthetic mattresses. Some health conditions exaggerate when in contact with electromagnetic fields

The benefits of organic mattresses and sleep environments may surprise you. The properties of wool and the complex structure of latex combined into a mattress, covered in linen/cotton blend fabric is a simple recipe. It all makes sense! You may notice a dramatic reduction in allergy reactions; latex deters dust mites, wool is a natural repellent for moisture, and natural organic cotton is a non-irritant.

Woola products provide luxury at no compromise of your health. Wool also acts as insulation especially in diverse weather, this makes blankets and throws a solution to prevent winter illnesses.