Almost all our materials are 100 percent natural. Read below to see the raw materials we use.
PureWool – 100% natural New Zealand Wool and nothing else. Refer to our page on our wool for more information. This is used in any of the Purewool products.

SouthWool – 95% natural New Zealand wool mixed with 5% bonding fibre which is like microfibre. Refer to our page on our wool for more information. This is used in any of the Southwool products.

Latex – Our latex is 100% certified natural latex. We use this as the main core of our mattresses. Some of our also have a layer of latex for extra comfort. Latex is the only true natural foam. It is made with milk from the rubber tree and goes through the Dunlop process which is an environmentally safe way to process latex.

Coir – This is made out of coconut husks and is highly breathable. It is 100% natural and we use it in the bottom of our W2000 mattress to give the mattress strong base support.

Fabric – The fabric we use on all our pillows and bedding is 100% natural cotton. Not only is this light and airy but cotton is naturally soft and warm. We use natural cotton mixed with natural flax linen for the mattress covers. Again, this is completely natural and we mix in the flax Linen to give it more durability. The fabric on our bases and headboards is 100% natural hemp fabric which comes from the hemp plant and is very strong. Also, the bases and headboards are padded with New Zealand wool.

Stitching – All the stitching is cotton. The piping on the mattresses is heap fabric.

Tags & Tufts – Natural Hemp Tags and Pure Wool Tufts.

Wood – The wood we use in the bases and headboards is New Zealand pine from sustainably grown pine plantations.

Packaging – the cardboard we use to package all our product is recyclable and biodegradable.

Also remember that we don’t use any sprays, glues or chemicals in our process. Each Woola product is made by hand.