natural certified latex

Latex provides a cushioning and conforming sleep surface, reducing pressure points, and supporting spinal alignment. Latex is naturally resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and mould, which provides protection for allergy sufferers and promotes healthier sleep. Latex is an environmentally safe choice and sourced from sustainable plantations internationally.

organic cotton

Woven organic cotton and hemp provides a robust fabric for use in bedding and bed linen. The hemp component of the fabric protects the cotton from mould and mildew, and is well known for adding durability and resistance to other products. This fabric combination on our pillows and bedding naturally provides an anti-bacterial casing, promoting healthy sleep.

New Zealand wool

New Zealand wool is internationally recognized as unmatchable for quality in sophistication, consistency, colour, strength and purity. Wool is one of the most ecological and sustainable fibres in the world, and is one of the safest, being naturally flame resistant and UV protected. Wool is widely used in the clothing industry, by the military, and now in beds and bedding. The fibres are durable and strong. We use wool in our mattress and bedding products because of the superior insulation characteristics, whereby it naturally regulates the sleeping surface temperatures depending on the climate, environment and the sleeper.

our factory

Each product is handcrafted by our team in rural Northland, New Zealand. Our manufacturing is based in Ruawai, a small farming community of 400 people.