New Zealand was once just one big forest!
Pine forests around the country provides more than enough timber for the local market and is often exported. Pine trees have turned unusable land into prosperous forests, they grow quickly and without requiring a lot of care.

The Woola base is built from locally grown timber, this Woola foundation looks stylish and contemporary while being robust, highly breathable, and a great natural option.

  • Timber – 100% New Zealand FSC Certified Pine solid Timber
  • Upholstery – Geneva Parchment linen look fabric

Providing a solid foundation for your mattress to sit upon, is just as important as the mattress itself.

Manufactured in our dedicated factory, in the tiny rural town of Ruawai.
Just over two hours north of New Zealand’s largest city in Northland, lies our community of just 400 people.

The Frame
The strength of the frame provides maximum support for any mattress. This allows you to sleep most comfortably resting in the fact that your selection was the best. The frame with timber legs and premium upholstery provides warmth and sense of home in any room.

Long Single
920 x 2030mm

King Single
1070 x 2030mm

1530 x 2030mm

1680 x 2030mm

Super King
1830 x 2030mm