Mattress Topper

How much more natural can natural get?

The Woola toppers are a mix of certified organic latex and wool.
The cover fabric is Bamboo and the fill inside is made with a mix of New Zealand Sheep and Alpaca wool and Certified organic natural Latex. Available in all bed sizes.

  • Purewool – 100% NZ Wool quilting layers
  • Latex – Certified organic natural latex core
  • Fabric Covers – Bamboo quilted cover fabric with Bamboo and cotton

Imagine sleeping on a soft but supportive slice of nature. The Woola latex Mattress Topper.
30mm Latex topped with quilted bamboo fabric filled with a layer of blended New Zealand; sheep wool and soft silky alpaca fibre.

Alpaca is a environmentally friendly fibre, to produce the wool no harsh or detrimental chemicals are required.
Alpaca wool is soft and ideal for people with sensitive skin, as the wool is very soft and silk like.

The Core
The core is the strength and longevity of our Woola sleep products. That’s why we use only 100% natural latex rubber. Latex is the most resilient spring given by nature, having natural durable support and antibacterial properties.

The Comfort
Wool is one of the marvels of nature with its ability to regulate temperature, giving you the perfect nights sleep all year round. Its also naturally flame and water resistant and most importantly one of the softest materials from nature. We’ve added alpaca fibre for softer silky feel, and to promote long lasting comfort.

Long Single
920 x 2030mm

King Single
1070 x 2030mm

1530 x 2030mm

1680 x 2030mm

Super King
1830 x 2030mm