Purewool Pillow

The Wool

Purewool is 100% New Zealand wool with nothing else at all. Its so natural it even smells a bit like nature. This wool goes through a crimping process to make sure it keeps lofted for years to come.

The Cover

The soft cotton cover combined with a breathable linen gusset cradles your head in nature.

The Core

Purewool 30

Our higher loft pillow with a natural latex core encased in layers of 100% pure New Zealand wool giving more support.

Size: 70 x 40cm

Purewool 10

Our lower loft pillow with nothing nothing but scrolls of 100% pure New Zealand wool.

Size: 70 x 40cm

Completely Handmade In New Zealand

Within the linen and cotton boundaries is layers of pure nature!
All pillows are filled by hand, stitched by hand and packed by hand.

Being completely hand made in our New Zealand workshop. Our team of skilled men and women take great care to ensure that each item is made with the highest standards and from the most natural materials. Our raw materials are sorted and checked at every stage of the process to maintain NZ’s high quality. Our production team strives to demonstrate the proper use of materials, production techniques, and lifestyle principles with a commitment to sustainable industry practices. Rather than mass produced products in commercial factories our unique hand made approach helps to minimise waste, emissions and maintain an eco-friendly environment.

Wool being natural, renewable and of biodegradable qualities are creating waves of interest, as innovators look to sustainable alternatives to synthetic fibres. It has many safety benefits too. This breathable fibre helps control humidity and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, it’s flame retardant!

In New Zealand, there are millions of sheep and plenty of ingenious people. In fact, wool is so versatile we are even making surfboards and shoes out of it!