W3000 Mattress

Meet the hybrid W3000; a fusion of nature and technology.

Combining 100% New Zealand Sheep and Alpaca Wool comfort layers on top of a super plush layer of certified organic natural latex and base of the unique Air coil pocket springs. Designed for long lasting comfort and support.

  • Purewool & Alpaca – NZ Wool and alpaca quilting layers
  • Latex – Certified organic natural latex core
  • Air Suspension Pockets – Patented Air coil design with micro suspended pockets

How do you explain it, not too soft, not too firm, just right!
The W3000 is a complex fusion of natures best assets and technology for an uncompromised sleeping surface.

While we sleep our brains dream, our bodies work and our health improves. The bed, pillow and linen we sleep with all works together to provide us a well-rested sleep. While our bodies are working magic providing us what we need for the next day of activities. We need to consider what atmosphere we are providing in our bedrooms.

The Core
The core is the strength and longevity of our Woola sleep products, that’s why we use only natural latex. Latex is the most resilient spring given by nature, by adding micro suspended pockets we have ramped up the comfort of this mattress.

The Comfort
Wool is one of the marvels of nature with its ability to regulate temperature, giving you the perfect nights sleep all year round. Its also naturally flame and water resistant and most importantly one of the softest materials from nature. We’ve added alpaca fibre for softer silky feel, and to promote long lasting comfort.

1530 x 2030mm

1680 x 2030mm

Super King
1830 x 2030mm