Warranty Terms & Conditions

Sleep Systems NZ guarantees that your Woola Mattress will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty workmanship for ten (10) years from date of purchase.

All mattresses will show body impressions as the upholstery settles; up to 30mm is considered normal and is not covered by this warranty. The upholstery is intended to provide cushioning and body comfort. A bed that is not suitable to your comfort (i.e. too hard or too soft) – is not a manufacturers warranty fault and therefore is not covered by this warranty.

This Warranty DOES NOT apply if;

1 Bedding upon manufacturers inspection is found to be stained or is in unsanitary condition.

2 When product failure is due to causes other than defective workmanship or materials. Bent or broken castors or legs, loose T-nuts inside base, caused by castor legs not having been kept sufficiently tight.

3 The Mattress has not been turned regularly.

4 The mattress is used on a flexi slat base where the flexi slats provide insufficient support for the mattress or the mattress is used on a slat type foundation, where the slats are more than 12cm apart or less than 7cm wide.

5 The original purchaser sells, leases or otherwise parts with possession of the product and therefore, you should retain your retail docket as proof of purchase.

6 The completed warranty registration card, does not reach the manufacturer within 90 days (3 months) of purchase.

7 The mattress cover is damaged in any way by defective timber or metal slats.

8 The mattress is used on a foundation that does not provide even support.

9 The mattress is used on a foundation that does not provide adequate support in the centre.

10 Warranty does not cover abuse or misuse of the Woola Mattress such as folding, bending, standing on or jumping on the mattress and only applies if used with an approved base set. Claims only valid with proof of purchase or original invoice and apply to original purchaser only. Warranty valid once customer details form has been received and processed by Sleep Systems New Zealand or logged online.